2014 Dora Kelley Nature Park Frog Watchers Brave Roller Coaster Season

by Kasha Helget A dedicated team of neighbors who live near the Dora Kelley Nature Park in Alexandria withstood the erratic weather for more than three weeks, from February 27 to March 23, to track the movement of frogs to the park’s marsh area where they breed in the late winter. This was the secondContinue reading “2014 Dora Kelley Nature Park Frog Watchers Brave Roller Coaster Season”

Saturday, April 5: Habitat Restoration in Four Mile Run Valley

by Jim Hurley On the northeast corner of S. Walter Reed and S. Four Mile Run Drives is the only remaining patch of woodland on the north side of the Four Mile Run stream valley in the Shirlington area. This woodland remnant has some of the same steep topography, underlying geology and hydrology (perched seeps),Continue reading “Saturday, April 5: Habitat Restoration in Four Mile Run Valley”

Habitat Restoration Along the W&OD Trail in Falls Church: Sunday, March 30, 10:00 am–12:00 pm

by Jim Hurley Join our friends from the City of Falls Church on Sunday, March 30, 10 am-12 noon, as they begin work to restore the natural area along the W&OD Trail between Grove Ave. and N. Oak St., only a block from where the trail crosses the bridge over Broad St. There are large thickets ofContinue reading “Habitat Restoration Along the W&OD Trail in Falls Church: Sunday, March 30, 10:00 am–12:00 pm”

Seeds of Hope: American Chestnut Replanting

by Catherine Howell As the late afternoon light began to fade and frigid air penetrated gloved hands, the last of the Arlington replanted American Chestnut trees (Castanea dentata) was patted into place on a slope in Glencarlyn Park on a gray day in mid-December, 2013. There, with some serious luck, it could grow into aContinue reading “Seeds of Hope: American Chestnut Replanting”

Snowy Owls at Gravelly Point

By Steve Young This winter, Snowy Owls from the Arctic have been showing up unusually far south, including in the metro Washington, DC area. This rare kind of bird migration event is called an “irruption.” Irruptive movements may be driven by weather, breeding success, or prey scarcity up North. Snowies have been seen recently atContinue reading “Snowy Owls at Gravelly Point”

114th Annual Christmas Bird Count Season Begins 14 December

The Christmas Bird Count season is here once again. There will be opportunities for ARMN members to participate in this great citizen science effort with a 114-year history this season. The first counts begin this Saturday, 14 December 2013 and the last counts take place Sunday, 5 January 2014. Popular for ARMN volunteers are theContinue reading “114th Annual Christmas Bird Count Season Begins 14 December”

Falls Church Environment Booth at Farmers Market

by Kent Taylor When purchasing fresh, organic and locally grown fruits, vegetables, meats, honey and bread at the Saturday City of Falls Church Farmers Market, be sure to stop by the Falls Church Environment (FCE) booth. The FCE was formed to provide environmental outreach and education, filling a void created when the City of FallsContinue reading “Falls Church Environment Booth at Farmers Market”

HOG Pull, Saturday, November 2, 9-11am, Haley Park

HOG Pull, Saturday, November 2, 9-11 AM Meet at Haley Park, 2400 S. Meade St., Arlington, VA 22202 HOG Pull is a continuing project on the first Saturday of each month to reclaim the natural area between Haley Park, Oakridge Elementary School, Gunston Middle School from Invasive Plants. It is a RiP (Remove Invasive Plants)Continue reading “HOG Pull, Saturday, November 2, 9-11am, Haley Park”

Sam Droege: Bee Mythbuster

by Catherine Howell ARMN members, Master Gardeners, and others who had the good judgment to attend an information session at Fairlington Community Center on October 10 were rewarded with two hours of advanced training––and a lot of bee-themed standup, courtesy of Sam Droege. Droege, a wildlife management expert with the USGS Bee Inventory and MonitoringContinue reading “Sam Droege: Bee Mythbuster”

ARMN Members Recognized in Banisteria

By Christine Campe-Price The USDA and US National Park Service (NPS) – George Washington Memorial Parkway (GWMP) recently published an article in Banisteria, Number 41, 2013, a journal devoted to the natural history of Virginia. The article documents the results of a study of leaf beetles found in Great Falls Park, Turkey Run Park, DykeContinue reading “ARMN Members Recognized in Banisteria”