Teaching the Next Generation About the Environment

by Lisa Stern ARMN member Lisa Stern describes the dedicated work of another ARMN volunteer, Jennifer Frum, to engage Gunston Middle School sixth graders by providing hands-on experience in pulling invasive plants. (Photos by Lisa Stern, unless otherwise indicated) The best lessons in life are the ones in which we have the opportunity to participate.Continue reading “Teaching the Next Generation About the Environment”

ARMN Discovers a Librarian’s Hidden Gem in the Weeds

by Noreen Hannigan ARMN volunteer Noreen Hannigan describes efforts to restore Arlington Central Library’s native-plant gardens, a legacy of the late Lynn Kristianson. Visitors to Arlington’s Central Library may have noticed a work in progress taking place around the rear and side entrances—restoring native-plant pollinator gardens created by a kindred spirit who sadly passed away.Continue reading “ARMN Discovers a Librarian’s Hidden Gem in the Weeds”

ARMN Volunteers in the Making

Article and photos by Suzanne Dingwell  ARMN member Suzanne Dingwell provides a firsthand account of the launch of the latest Master Naturalist training class. Expectations and energy levels were running on high settings on the night of Tuesday, September 6, when the newest class of ARMN trainees came together for the first time. The new group is fullContinue reading “ARMN Volunteers in the Making”

Barcroft Magnolia Bog Restoration Project Receives 2016 Achievement Award

The Virginia Association of Counties (VACo) recently recognized Arlington County’s Department of Parks and Recreation’s (DPR) Barcroft Magnolia Bog Restoration Project with a 2016 Achievement Award. VACo described this innovative program “as a model for natural resource management in urban areas by highlighting opportunities to incorporate community groups in environmental stewardship activities.” http://www.vaco.org/pressreleases/16releases/16programdescription.pdf. The Barcroft magnolia bog occurs as aContinue reading “Barcroft Magnolia Bog Restoration Project Receives 2016 Achievement Award”

Show Some Pollinator Love with a “Protect Pollinators” License Plate

ARMN member Samantha Gallagher combined a talent for graphic art—and advocacy—to make a Protect Pollinators license plate a reality in Virginia. Read on…. The efforts of ARMN’s own Samantha Gallagher just keep generating wonderful benefits for pollinators. Samantha has always loved bees and other pollinators, advocating for them from a young age. When she moved to VirginiaContinue reading “Show Some Pollinator Love with a “Protect Pollinators” License Plate”

Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Native Trees and Perennials!

by Kasha Helget ARMN communications chair Kasha Helget provides inspiration for fall planting and a list of upcoming sales that feature native plants. Autumn is one of the best times to install plants. The reason is that conditions are usually ideal to give plants a great start. The soil is still warm, which allows rootsContinue reading “Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant Native Trees and Perennials!”

Bird Mobs at Long Branch Nature Center

by Steve Young ARMN member and Long Branch environmental steward Steve Young shares a mindful encounter with nature. During a warm July morning, I found myself walking along the Long Branch Nature Center access road. Just east of Willow Pond, I began to hear a commotion among small birds. First to get my attention wereContinue reading “Bird Mobs at Long Branch Nature Center”

Applications for ARMN Fall Training Class Due August 20

“I love ARMN and opportunities it offers.” “I enjoy the broad spectrum of volunteer projects/opportunities, the many continuing-education possibilities, the good networking between the local nature groups and organizations/agencies /events, and the exchange of information about nature stuff, events, organizations—and more!” ~Current ARMN master naturalists Do you have a great interest in nature? • Do youContinue reading “Applications for ARMN Fall Training Class Due August 20”

Arlington 4-H’s Environmental Programs Help Kids Explore Nature

by Caitlin Verdu Here, 4-H Agent Caitlin Verdu provides a glimpse into the 4-H Outdoor Explorers program, which pairs volunteers with Extended Day staff to get children outside to enjoy nature. Interested in learning more? Attend a free information session on Tuesday, August 23 from 7–9 pm at Walter Reed Community Center or contact Caitlin directlyContinue reading “Arlington 4-H’s Environmental Programs Help Kids Explore Nature”

Amazing Grasses . . . Right Under Our Feet!

by Caroline Haynes (photos courtesy of Toni Genberg, unless otherwise indicated) A hardy group of ARMN and Virginia Native Plant Society members braved the late-July heat at Fort C. F. Smith Park for an early morning native grasses ID walk. Leading the trek was ARMN member and plant expert Margaret Chatham. As is typical for continuingContinue reading “Amazing Grasses . . . Right Under Our Feet!”