Deer Population Imbalance and Our Forests

Are you concerned about the impact of the growing deer population on the precarious health of our urban forests and tree canopy? The following resources provide some basics to help you get started. Please contact us for additional information. 

Virginia Native Plant Society: Manage White-Tailed Deer to Protect Our Natural Heritage

ARMN blog: “White-tailed Deer and Forest Health in Northern Virginia” 

Restoring Balance: White-tailed Deer Management in Northern Virginia. Note: This is a flyer designed to be a double-sided printed document. Set your printer to borderless printing.

Deer population management programs by nearby jurisdictions include: Fairfax County’s Deer Management Program, Rock Creek Park’s White Tail Deer Management Program, and the National Park Service program at Catoctin Mountain in Maryland. The Catoctin program has resulted in an 11-fold increase in the number of tree seedlings.

See also the Virginia Department Game and Inland Fisheries Deer Management Plan.