Sample Basic Training Syllabuses

       Sample Schedule for Evening Classes and Weekend Field Trips
(classes are 7-10 pm one night/week; there are four 6-hour weekend field trips)

Class                     Topic
1                              Intro/Dichotomous Key/American Naturalists
2                              Botany/Taxonomy
3                              Weather & Climate/VMNS Website
4                              Ecology/Urban Ecology/Citizen Science
FIELD TRIP:  Urban Ecology/Natural Res Mgmt/Dendrology
5                              Geology/Soils
6                              Aquatic Ecology
7                              Interpretation/Invasives
FIELD TRIP:  Geology/Soils/Invasives/Aquatic Ecology
8                              Mammalogy
9                              Entomology
10                            Herpetology
11                            Ornithology
FIELD TRIP: Ornithology/Wetlands Ecology/Herpetology/Entomology
12                            Forest Ecology/Dendrology
13                            Risk Mgmt/Civil Rights/Citizen Science/”Bug Lab”
FIELD TRIP: Intro to Native Plants/Forest Ecosystems
14                           Trainee Presentations
15                           Graduation

Sample Schedule for Daytime Classes and Field Trips
(classes  and field trips are 9 am to 3 pm one day a week)

Class    AM Topic                                              PM Topic
1          Intro to Class & VMN Program               Ecology
2          Entomology                                          Mammalogy
3          Botany/Taxonomy/Native Plants           Field Trip (Tree ID)
4          Forest Ecology & Dendrology               Field Trip
Urban Ecology/NRMP
5          Geology/Soils                                       iNaturalist
Field Trip
6          Interpretation/Invasives                        Field Trip
Demonstration: Entering Hours
7          Ornithology                                          Herpetology
8          Weather & Climate                               Field Trip
Forest Ecosystems
9          Field Trip all day (Ornithology)            Field Trip all day
(Herpetology & Entomology)
10         Aquatic Ecology/Ichthyology               Risk Management & Civil Rights
Class Presentations Start
11         American Naturalists                            Citizen Science/Class Presentations
Class Presentations
12         Volunteer Job Fair/Service Projects     Graduation

Field Trips will take place in various area parks. There will also be a mid-term and a final take home exam.