Calling All Tree-Loving Master Naturalists

By Nora Palmatier

Tree Canopy Fund

YOU have a great opportunity to get native canopy trees planted in your Arlington neighborhood – last year the Tree Canopy Fund got 515 trees planted, including 61 Nyssa sylvatica, 110 Quercus species, and 45 Betula nigras!  All of the information you need to start planning is on the ACE website at the link below.  It is a group application – you’ll have to recruit in your neighborhood, church or temple, or just your block.

Last year, everywhere I saw a space that cried out for a tree, I left a flyer promoting the program and my email and phone number.  This year, I am targeting all the garden apartments around Westover with the goal of getting 20 more trees planted.  Again, it has to be a group project and not an individual requesting trees.  You need to fill out the simple online form saying you are interested in applying by April 13, and submit the request by June 8.

Volunteers with a knowledge of tree selection and tree care will be needed to serve as advisors to each applicant – the signup for assisting applicants will be sent out by ACE soon.  And yes, you can organize your own group application and serve as an advisor to another group.  The goal is to plant as many of the RIGHT TREES in the RIGHT LOCATIONS so the canopy will increase and not so much about competition of funding.

Here’s the link to all the information and forms:

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