2015 Firefly Festival: Perfect Weather, Perfect Fun

by Caroline Haynes, ARMN volunteer


ARMN volunteers were well represented at another successful Firefly Festival at Fort C.F. Smith in Arlington on Sunday evening, June 28. Unlike previous festivals that were sticky and hot, the previous day’s rain and cooler temperatures made for a perfectly delightful summer evening. Children of all ages improved their insect ID skills at “Bug Bingo,” were transformed into their favorite insect by some artful face painting, learned to imitate the flash patterns of different species of fire flies, created some beautiful glow-in-the-dark firefly crafts––and, of course, caught and released lots and lots of fireflies. Those who participated in the nature walk at dusk were rewarded with a meadow light show as the fireflies began their nightly courtship. The almost-full moon and roasted marshmallows topped off a fun, educational, family-friendly evening.

ARMN volunteer Stephanie
ARMN volunteer Stephanie “Firefly” Martin works the 2015 Firefly Festival. (Photo by Caroline Haynes)

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