11/19/11 Barcroft Park Work Day Report

By Jim Hurley

We began Saturday morning with coffee and donuts, which fueled 23 volunteers for more than two hours of intense, and intensely satisfying, invasive removal in sunny brisk weather.  The Master Naturalists, Tree Stewards, and Native Plant Society were well represented, and we had residents from Claremont and Windgate too.  We worked in the natural area between the bikepath and the drainage ditch, mowing through an impenetrable 1000 sq. ft. hedge of primarily Multiflora Rose, interlaced with Porcelainberry.  We cut the canes to a foot or so, and then used shovels and pickaxes to dig impressive old-growth root infrastructures.  Great fun. 

12 people in forest at brush pile
Pile of Invasive Plants Pulled

The group then spent over an hour on winter tree ID, puzzling through the Winter Tree Finder key on an American Beech, Green Ash, and White Oak, among others.  Several of us split off from the main group and ID’d exotic tree targets for further work, a growing Siberian Elm thicket near the cement bridge, and Norway Maple saplings and teenagers, in a grove of Box Elder, American Elm and Green Ash.     Thanks to all for a great day.  See you in December!

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