Saturday, April 5: Habitat Restoration in Four Mile Run Valley

by Jim Hurley On the northeast corner of S. Walter Reed and S. Four Mile Run Drives is the only remaining patch of woodland on the north side of the Four Mile Run stream valley in the Shirlington area. This woodland remnant has some of the same steep topography, underlying geology and hydrology (perched seeps),Continue reading “Saturday, April 5: Habitat Restoration in Four Mile Run Valley”

Habitat Restoration Along the W&OD Trail in Falls Church: Sunday, March 30, 10:00 am–12:00 pm

by Jim Hurley Join our friends from the City of Falls Church on Sunday, March 30, 10 am-12 noon, as they begin work to restore the natural area along the W&OD Trail between Grove Ave. and N. Oak St., only a block from where the trail crosses the bridge over Broad St. There are large thickets ofContinue reading “Habitat Restoration Along the W&OD Trail in Falls Church: Sunday, March 30, 10:00 am–12:00 pm”

HOG Pull, Saturday, November 2, 9-11am, Haley Park

HOG Pull, Saturday, November 2, 9-11 AM Meet at Haley Park, 2400 S. Meade St., Arlington, VA 22202 HOG Pull is a continuing project on the first Saturday of each month to reclaim the natural area between Haley Park, Oakridge Elementary School, Gunston Middle School from Invasive Plants. It is a RiP (Remove Invasive Plants)Continue reading “HOG Pull, Saturday, November 2, 9-11am, Haley Park”

Tuckahoe Park Habitat on the Mend…

by Mary McLean July 2013:  Dangerous Plants on the Run! You may have seen the warning signs “Don’t walk off the trail.” Plant specialist placed them to protect pets and people. Arlington County hired Invasive Plant Control (IPC) to help improve Tuckahoe’s habitat. IPC employees are specially licensed and trained. Only the most environmentally suitableContinue reading “Tuckahoe Park Habitat on the Mend…”

September Barcroft Park Habitat Restoration Work Party

by Marion Jordan NOTE THE NEW TIME – THIS IS AN AFTERNOON EVENT Join us on September 21 from 1 – 3 pm for the next Barcroft Park Habitat Restoration Work Party. We will join with Arlington for a Clean Environment (ACE) to help lead volunteers in cleaning up trash in the park. There areContinue reading “September Barcroft Park Habitat Restoration Work Party”

Take Back the W&OD Trail in Bon Air Park

A determined and energetic group of allies put their hearts, souls, and backs into transforming a tangled, rocky slope into a smooth bed ready for native plants on Saturday August 17th.  Their combined efforts transformed a large embankment alongside the W&OD Trail in Arlington where it runs past Bon Air Park.  Project coordinator Patrick Wegeng,Continue reading “Take Back the W&OD Trail in Bon Air Park”

Potomac Overlook Park Native Shade Garden’s Second Spring

By Sue Dingwell The Potomac Overlook Park Native Shade Garden is growing up! ARMN members have been carefully tending this little niche, encouraging the natives, discouraging the weeds, and doing battle royale with the deer. This is the garden’s second spring. Volunteers were greeted on Tuesday, April 23 with colorful blooms and  vigorous green shootsContinue reading “Potomac Overlook Park Native Shade Garden’s Second Spring”

Homeowners save wildlife by creating a green network across Northern Virginia

By Leigh Pickering In the past month, seven local properties have joined the ranks of homeowners creating a green network for wildlife in Arlington and Alexandria. This critical work is intended to blunt the impact of habitat loss in our area by providing small sanctuaries desperately needed for the survival of wildlife in our increasinglyContinue reading “Homeowners save wildlife by creating a green network across Northern Virginia”

English Ivy Removal at Tuckahoe Park in March 2013

By Mary McLean On March 16 a sturdy group of volunteers participated in the March Habitat Restoration of Tuckahoe Park.The volunteers warmed up in the cold, damp morning by pulling up English Ivy. Along with ARMN members, volunteers include young women from Arlington’s Career Center’s ROTC unit, Yorktown’s NHS, and Marymount University. Volunteers rescued 25Continue reading “English Ivy Removal at Tuckahoe Park in March 2013”

Need a reason to pull Garlic mustard?

By Travis Anderson I began writing this article to discover more about the West Virginia White Pieris virginiensis (WVW) and its conservation.  I know that many ARMN members spend a lot of time pulling garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata). I thought you might think about how much you are helping WVW when you start attacking garlicContinue reading “Need a reason to pull Garlic mustard?”