English Ivy Removal at Tuckahoe Park in March 2013

By Mary McLean

On March 16 a sturdy group of volunteers participated in the March Habitat Restoration of Tuckahoe Park.The volunteers warmed up in the cold, damp morning by pulling up English Ivy. Along with ARMN members, volunteers include young women from Arlington’s Career Center’s ROTC unit, Yorktown’s NHS, and Marymount University. Volunteers rescued 25 mature White Oak, Red Oak, and a young Beech tree from being strangled by English Ivy.

tuckahoe park english ivy

If English Ivy is allowed to grow up a tree it can cut off nutrients and light from a tree eventually killing it. Once high enough, English Ivy will flower which results in unwitting birds transporting this nuisance vine throughout a neighborhood. Tree Stewards recommend at least a two-foot area around a tree be cleared to keep the ivy from continuing to climb.

If you have English Ivy threatening your trees or flowering you can take action. Information on proper removal can be found:


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