February Invasive Pull at Barcroft Park

By Jim Hurley

Barcroft workgroup posed with ARMN banner

ARMN Volunteers at Barcroft Park. Photo by J. Hurley.

We had another strong turnout on February 18 in Barcroft Park, as 15 volunteers, including Tree Stewards, Americorps, Master Naturalists and Wingate residents answered the call of native plants needing to be rescued from exotic invaders.  As has become customary, we began and ended the work with coffee and donuts, and in between continued to work on the stretch of the park between the bikepath and drainage ditch, near the picnic shelter.  Again, we did more good damage to Multiflora Rose, cutting the canes back to a foot to get access to the root systems, Continue reading

1/12/12 Barcroft Sunny Workday Report

By Jim Hurley

Last Thursday, January 12, Master Naturalist (and current ARMN Treasurer) Josh Schnell enticed some 15 of his USDA OLC (Office of Legal Counsel) colleagues to Barcroft Park for a couple of hours cutting and digging Multiflora Rose, English Ivy and Japanese Honeysuckle.  Five Americorps volunteers supported the effort, as well as four other MNs Workers in park(thanks Jim Clark!), and tools were supplied by Sarah Archer.  The day was sunny and a balmy 58 degrees, and with the ground wet from the previous day’s rain, the invasives were very vulnerable.  We took full advantage of the conditions, and massive R. multiflora clumps and root systems yielded to shovels and pickaxes.  We continued to clear the area between the bikepath and drainage ditch, exposing the Lesser Celandine that is the dominant invasive there.  There were large numbers of Ranunculus ficaria bulblets and tubers just below the ground surface, which, no longer protected by their cover of Rose and Ivy, are vulnerable to spraying in spring.  For more on Lesser Celandine, including a shoutout to our own Steve Young, see:  http://www.nps.gov/plants/alien/fact/rafi1.htm. Continue reading

12/17/2011 Barcroft Park Work Day Report

large group of people holding armn sign

12/17 Barcroft Park Volunteers, by R. Olsen

By Jim Hurley

We had another inspiring turnout December 17, with 26 volunteers (Master Naturalists, Tree Stewards, Americorps, Windgate residents, hikers, spouses and friends of the above) reluctantly ending the invasive work after almost two hours, in order to turn our attention to Deep Time.  We began the morning again with coffee, cider, and donuts on a cool and cloudy day, fueling more intensive work on the natural area between the bikepath and the drainage ditch.  Continue reading

11/19/11 Barcroft Park Work Day Report

By Jim Hurley

We began Saturday morning with coffee and donuts, which fueled 23 volunteers for more than two hours of intense, and intensely satisfying, invasive removal in sunny brisk weather.  The Master Naturalists, Tree Stewards, and Native Plant Society were well represented, and we had residents from Claremont and Windgate too.  We worked in the natural area between the bikepath and the drainage ditch, mowing through an impenetrable 1000 sq. ft. hedge of primarily Multiflora Rose, interlaced with Porcelainberry.  We cut the canes to a foot or so, and then used shovels and pickaxes to dig impressive old-growth root infrastructures.  Great fun.  Continue reading