Bat Festival at Gulf Branch Nature Center

By Carolyn Semedo-Strauss I grew up in a big, old house in a very small town. With a cranberry bog on one side, a forest on the other, a swamp to the rear and a cemetery across the street, we had all of the makings of spooky stories, creatively crafted by an abundance of olderContinue reading “Bat Festival at Gulf Branch Nature Center”

Ms. Owl Poses for ARMN at Gulf Branch Nature Center

  It isn’t all service and no fun:  A small group of ARMN has met a few times informally to practice sketching.  The charismatic Ms. Owl at Gulf Branch Nature Center makes a perfect and natural model. One of the artists, Cathy Broad, says, “The barred owl posed very nicely, after some curiosity at human attention.”  Below are Cathy’s lovely sketches of Ms.Continue reading “Ms. Owl Poses for ARMN at Gulf Branch Nature Center”