Martin Luther King, Jr. and Teddy Roosevelt, A Great Match for a Day of Service!

By Caroline Haynes Over 100 individuals gathered on Theodore Roosevelt Island to participate in a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service on January 20th. Despite the chilly 24 degrees, it was an otherwise sunny day, and enthusiastic volunteers warmed to the task of cutting non-native invasive plants that have overrun many parts of theContinue reading “Martin Luther King, Jr. and Teddy Roosevelt, A Great Match for a Day of Service!”

Deep Dive Recap: Dabbling and Diving Ducks

Text by Kristin Bartschi. Photos by George Sutherland. Ducks. They’re cute, they paddle around in parks. Some ducks are so commonplace that we don’t really think twice about them (i.e. the quintessential mallard). But, as with all animals, there is a lot to learn and every duck has a unique story.  Recently, I decided toContinue reading “Deep Dive Recap: Dabbling and Diving Ducks”

ARMN: Getting to Know Paul Gibson

by Alison Sheahan Paul Gibson has been a stalwart volunteer ever since joining the ARMN program in Spring 2013, especially in the areas of citizen science. I was able to interview him online and then finally got to meet him at the ARMN Annual Chapter meeting in December 2019. Here are some fascinating things IContinue reading “ARMN: Getting to Know Paul Gibson”

Family Fun at the International Coastal Clean-up

Text by Kristin Bartschi and photos by George Sutherland On a sunny Saturday morning on September 21st, EcoAction Arlington hosted a stream clean-up in Barcroft Park as part of the International Coastal Clean-up. The International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) is part of the Ocean Conservancy’s Trash Free Seas program. Every September, over 100 countries take partContinue reading “Family Fun at the International Coastal Clean-up”

Fall is a Great Time to Shop for and Plant Natives!

Text and photos by Kasha Helget There is a not-so-secret maxim among gardeners that autumn can be the best time to install new plants! The soil is well warmed, but the air is cooler, which provides less stress for transplants. And the native plant sellers are ready to provide you with the best choices ofContinue reading “Fall is a Great Time to Shop for and Plant Natives!”

Getting Dirty and Keeping Our Rivers Clean

Text by Kristin Bartschi and photos by George Sutherland Recent ARMN Basic Training graduates Kristin Bartschi and George Sutherland joined in a very satisfying service activity on the Potomac River. Kristin’s observations demonstrate how they could get wet and dirty and provide a valuable service at the same time. There’s nothing I love more thanContinue reading “Getting Dirty and Keeping Our Rivers Clean”

Outstanding Participation in the 2019 City Nature Challenge! What Are the Next Steps?

by Louis Harrell Citizen science activities are an important way for individuals to contribute to scientific knowledge and for members of the public to increase their knowledge of local natural resources. Currently, the largest citizen science project that ARMN supports is the City Nature Challenge. Read about the results of this year’s challenge and theContinue reading “Outstanding Participation in the 2019 City Nature Challenge! What Are the Next Steps?”

Virginia State Symbol: The Northern Cardinal

Text and Photos by Ames Bowman With its distinct red feathers, or plumage, its deep orange beak, and a crest that resembles a well-groomed mohawk, the presence of the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) in Northern Virginia is unmistakable. The Northern Cardinal is Virginia’s state bird. I tagged along with part-time Arlington County Park Naturalist YolandaContinue reading “Virginia State Symbol: The Northern Cardinal”

Sky Dancer: The American Woodcock

Sky Dancer: The American Woodcock Text and photo by Ames Bowman Chances are you have heard the familiar “peent” call of the male American Woodcock (Scolopax minor) if you have ever ventured near a meadow at the edge of the forest on a spring or summer evening. From early March until early May, Huntley MeadowsContinue reading “Sky Dancer: The American Woodcock”

It’s Springtime . . . Plant Natives!

Text and photos by Kasha Helget With longer daylight hours, warming soils, and the return of bird, bees, and butterflies, get ready to roll up your sleeves and install some native plants. Our local animals depend on them, AND they provide beautiful enhancements to our landscapes. So, please consider a few—or several native plants toContinue reading “It’s Springtime . . . Plant Natives!”