Sam Droege: Bee Mythbuster

by Catherine Howell ARMN members, Master Gardeners, and others who had the good judgment to attend an information session at Fairlington Community Center on October 10 were rewarded with two hours of advanced training––and a lot of bee-themed standup, courtesy of Sam Droege. Droege, a wildlife management expert with the USGS Bee Inventory and MonitoringContinue reading “Sam Droege: Bee Mythbuster”

Interning at USGS Native Bee Lab

By Brooke Alexander While I was taking the ARMN Basic Training Course in Fall 2011, I started working at Sam Droege’s U.S. Geological Survey Bee Inventory and Monitory Lab as an intern. I was amazed to learn that there are 4,000 native bee species in the U.S.! One of the projects I’m working on involves processing native bee specimens from nationalContinue reading “Interning at USGS Native Bee Lab”