“Grasses for the Masses” workshops

By Kasha Helget ARMN volunteers conducted two “Grasses for the Masses” workshops at the Fairlington Community Center in February, 2013 in a program sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for Virginia residents all over the state. During the workshops, a total of 35 individuals, families, and teachers received simple kits and instructions to grow underwaterContinue reading ““Grasses for the Masses” workshops”

Everyday is Earth Day for ARMN Volunteers

By Monique Wong “Everyday is Earth Day for ARMN volunteers,” Robin Davis, ARMN Outreach Committee Chair, remarked at the April ARMN Board Meeting. How right she is! Since ARMN’s mission is to provide environmental education, research, citizen science, outreach, and stewardship of Virginia natural resources and public lands, everyday is indeed Earth Day for all ARMN members. Wherever youContinue reading “Everyday is Earth Day for ARMN Volunteers”

Citizen Science: Stream Monitoring in Arlington County

By John Bernard I began my career as a citizen scientist with the Spring 2010 ARMN training class.  Among the volunteer activities approved for service hours, I enjoy participation in one of several Arlington County sponsored stream monitoring volunteer teams.  After I completed a class given by the County, I joined the team volunteers atContinue reading “Citizen Science: Stream Monitoring in Arlington County”