“Grasses for the Masses” workshops

By Kasha Helget ARMN volunteers conducted two “Grasses for the Masses” workshops at the Fairlington Community Center in February, 2013 in a program sponsored by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation for Virginia residents all over the state. During the workshops, a total of 35 individuals, families, and teachers received simple kits and instructions to grow underwaterContinue reading ““Grasses for the Masses” workshops”

ARMN volunteers enjoy helping Smithsonian eMammal camera trapping project

By Jeanette Murry and Alan Tidwell We  graduated from the spring 2012 ARMN Basic Training Course. During the summer and fall, we volunteered on a camera trapping project called eMammal organized by the Smithsonian. We focused on Keyser Run Fire Trail in the Shenandoah National Park for our trapping. When we saw the eMammal Project advertised through the ARMN listserv,Continue reading “ARMN volunteers enjoy helping Smithsonian eMammal camera trapping project”

Interning at USGS Native Bee Lab

By Brooke Alexander While I was taking the ARMN Basic Training Course in Fall 2011, I started working at Sam Droege’s U.S. Geological Survey Bee Inventory and Monitory Lab as an intern. I was amazed to learn that there are 4,000 native bee species in the U.S.! One of the projects I’m working on involves processing native bee specimens from nationalContinue reading “Interning at USGS Native Bee Lab”

Citizen Science: Stream Monitoring in Arlington County

By John Bernard I began my career as a citizen scientist with the Spring 2010 ARMN training class.  Among the volunteer activities approved for service hours, I enjoy participation in one of several Arlington County sponsored stream monitoring volunteer teams.  After I completed a class given by the County, I joined the team volunteers atContinue reading “Citizen Science: Stream Monitoring in Arlington County”