Need a reason to pull Garlic mustard?

By Travis Anderson I began writing this article to discover more about the West Virginia White Pieris virginiensis (WVW) and its conservation.  I know that many ARMN members spend a lot of time pulling garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata). I thought you might think about how much you are helping WVW when you start attacking garlicContinue reading “Need a reason to pull Garlic mustard?”

Power of Passion and Persistence

By Sue Dingwell The power of passion and persistence brought to life a new wetland last Saturday at Campbell Elementary School, a Title One, alternative school bordering Long Branch Park in Arlington. Two and a half years in the planning and fund-raising stage, the garden was installed by an all-volunteer crew at an event they calledContinue reading “Power of Passion and Persistence”

Backyard Nature Photography

By Monique Wong When Christine Freidel moved into her home near Potomac Overlook Park five year ago, she inherited a typical suburban lawn in her backyard.  Inspired by the book “Bringing Nature Home,” Christine applied her training as a Master Naturalist and spent two years introducing native species to her backyard. “We spotted butterflies andContinue reading “Backyard Nature Photography”